Online Poker


Online poker is considered to be one of the most addicting games in the gaming industry. Players usually get easily hooked on such gambling games, in the hopes of winning more cash. With the introduction of such online poker platforms, traditional poker has taken a backseat. No doubt because of the numerous advantages of these online poker rooms over the real ones. Although situs poker online games are pretty safe, secure and easy to play, there might be a few system glitches that might be hindrance to a smooth play.

Listed below are some of the most common issues with online poker and their solutions.

  • Currency Glitches : Some of the most common issues that arise while playing poker online are currency issues. Since the players of this game are from various countries from around the world, the problem arises while dealing with so many currencies. Most poker sites operate is U.S. Dollars, even if they do not accept players based in the United States. But in most cases, players do not deal with funds in U.S. dollars. Solution: In such cases the poker sites overcome this issue by two methods. One of these methods is to hold the player’s funds in their native currencies, and convert them only on two occasions, when the players enter and when players leave the game. The benefit of this is that the bankroll is not subjected to changes in the currency rate when players are not actively playing the game.
  • Declination of cards: Depositing money in poker rooms is not quite as easy as transferring money has become these days. Payment processing is a huge obstacle when it comes to situs poker online. Most banks and processors immediately decline transactions made with gambling websites even if it has been made legal to do so. Some banks refuse to do so, continuing to stay behind the times when it comes to facilitating such transactions. Solution: The only solution is for all the gambling players associations to come together to help bring about this change in bank policies. So far however, this has not been done and so the problem persists to this date.
  • Problem-causing Poker Bots: Initially these poker bots were viewed as nothing but minor nuisances in the game with hardly causing any harm to these sites or their players. But in recent time these minor glitches have started to become a huge threat for both the poker industry and its players. The first difficulty they create is that of perceptions. Most people believe that these poker bots are devised by the poker industry themselves, when nothing of this sort has ever been proven. Second problem is that poker bots have now starting upping the stakes at the tables when initially they only ever played at lower stakes to hide from being identified. Poker sites however were never too inclined to take any actions against such bots which has been viewed as a dereliction on their part by many winning poker players. Solution: Nowadays a change has begun and some counter-measures have started to be implemented, but even with all these methods in place, there are too many ways for a poker bot to slip through the cracks and get away with it. Poker bots have to be taken seriously by poker sites to help eradicate them and ensure fair-play for all its players.
  • Legality Issues: The most disconcerting problem arises when the legality of such games differs in different countries. Some proclaim such games as legal whereas others deem them illegal. In some places its legal to play poker but not legal to create online poker sites. This is why it gets quite confusing for the general public to know whether such games are legal or not. Law-fearing people are bound to hesitate to go forward or not. Solution: Again a combined efforts by the respective clubs and associations is required to overcome this problem.

Although these problems are more often than not still persisting, it doesn’t mean that one cannot enjoy playing these games. These are nothing but minor glitches and if you are lovers of such online poker games, these issues will hardly affect the general public.