QQ is one of the starting hands in most poker tables. If you misplay the QQ hand, you will end up losing the big pots and winning only the small ones.  And as it’s the desire of every gambler, you wouldn’t want to lose bigger QQpoker pots and only gain the small ones. Listed here are the most viable suggestions to help professionals and beginners play pocket queens correctly.

How to Play the Early Position

Whether playing limit or limit poker Hold’em, you should raise way over 80% when the game is still young. By so doing, you end up forcing players holding aces with small kickers to fold. It also helps discourage your opponents from playing with you in the table from limping.  And it likewise eases your decision-making process when you get re-raised.  In the event an ace hits the flop, and it happens that you act first or it’s checked to you, we advise you bet.  That’s because you will have already proven your pre-flow strength, making it hard for your opponent to ace.



How to Play the Middle Position

When you find yourself as the first player into a pot, you have to play just like you did in the first position. But if there are some limbers behind you, you shouldraise the hand as high as you can as it will enable you to isolate the opponents.  Always read what’s in your opponent’s hand so you can make a correct move.  And as the experts will tell you, if you are not confident enough of what your opponent holds, you should consider re-raising to see if they will playback to you. If they are smarter than you and don’t playback, it will be good to lay down the queen.

How To Handle Blind Play

If playing QQpoker with the blinds and the table happens to have lots of limpers, it would be great if you check or limp and then play the same amount as offered in the limit play. Rising won’t work for you as not very likely will any of the players fold towards another bet since the pot will already have accumulated enough bets.  But if there are fewer players, you can raise and get a fold. You raise the blinds, you prove how strong you are since when the flop doesn’t get your opponent, and you’ll easily win the pot.

When playing QQ poker, these are the tricks you should employ to take home the pot easily. Don’t be in a hurry to make a move if you don’t actually understand what your opponent holds, and what their next step would be as this could mean being taken unawares and losing the bet.